Friedland Decor Symphony 200M Wireless Chime Kit D500


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Friedland Decor Symphony 200M Wireless Chime Kit D500

  • Choice of 7 different CD Quality chime sounds ? traditional and contemporary sounds
  • Easy installation with no wiring required
  • Modern beech and chrome effect finish wall mounted Wireless Door Bell Chime Unit
  • Different sound for front or rear door
  • Operating wireless range of up to 200m

The Friedland Décor ‘Symphony’ wireless Door Bell Chime Kit (D500) includes a Door Chime Unit finished in a modern Beech & Chrome effect with a slimline white Door Bell Push. The Door Chime Unit offers a choice of 7 diferent CD quality chime sounds and operates up to 200 metres away from the Door Bell Push. Complete with 3 year warranty. FEATURES: Wireless Beech & Chrome effect wall mounted Door Chime Unit with white Door Bell Push, Door Chime range up to 200 metres from Door Bell Push, 7 CD quality traditional and contemporary Door Bell Chime sounds, An additional Bell Push can be fitted – set different chime sounds for Front & Back doors, Easy installation – no wiring required, Variable Volume Control, Self-learning Door Bell Push to Chime to avoid interference with neighbours Chimes, Compatible with all Friedland Décor and EVO products, 3 year Warranty. IDEAL FOR: Environments where a long chime sound range is required from Door Bell Push to Door Chime Unit. WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Chime Unit in Beech & Chrome effect, White Door Bell Push with 1 x CR2032 Lithium Battery, All necessary fixings, Installation and Operating Instructions, PRODUCT DETAILS: 3 year warranty, Door Chime Dimensions: 160 x 220 x 55mm, Door Bell Push Dimensions: 82 x 28 x 16mm, Door Chime Batteries: 4 x C Cell batteries (Not Included), Door Bell Push Battery: 1 x CR2032 Lithium Coin cell battery (Included), Colour: Door Chime, B eech & Chrome effect. Doorbell Push, white, Chimes: choice of 7 CD quality chime sounds, Sound Level@ 78/80dB @ 1m, Operating frequency: 433MHz.

List Price: £19.99


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A hmm dinger…, 10 Nov 2008
This review is from: Friedland Decor Symphony 200M Wireless Chime Kit D500

I am, on the whole, very pleased with the Decor Symphony Friedland door chime. It is extremely easy to fit and use. It gives a good loud alert and the sound is excellent quality. However, the seven choices of melody are more limited than I anticipated. Since it’s called the Symphony I was half expecting a choice of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. However, four are variations on Big Ben, two are variations on the regular ding-dong style chime, and the last is a saxophone rif. Possibly, not everyone’s cup of tea. So, Symphony seems a bit of a misnomer. Also, it does seem a little pricey although it does have a three year guarantee. On the plus side. It can be set to VERY loud so I can hear it when I am at the bottom of the garden – which I have found really useful.

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Looks OK on the mantlepiece, 11 Mar 2012

This review is from: Friedland Decor Symphony 200M Wireless Chime Kit D500

Bought these chimes for my static caravan. Was unsure if they would work because the caravan is clad in Aluminum and has metal reinforced double glazing, which might have caused a problem for wireless transmission. But this has not been the case and the chimes work flawlessly, although the distance between bell push and chimes is only eight metres. There are four chime options with an authentic Big Ben sound, two other chimes (the second of which was more to my taste) plus a quirky Sax. These chime sounds can be auditioned on some websites if you Google the Chime Model. The unit has a tidy Beechwood panel design, which I use free standing as it does not look out of place on the mantlepiece. The bell push is functional if not distinguished, but a suitable chrome or brass model is available from Amazon for