Byron TX-414 Wireless Plug In Door Chime with Real Brass Bell Push 100m Range


Product Information

Byron TX-414 Wireless Plug In Door Chime with Real Brass Bell Push 100m Range

  • Plug in chime (never needs batteries). 100m range.
  • The brass bell push to the converter connects WITH wires, transmission to chime is wireless
  • All instructions and fittings are included. Batteries included for push and converter
  • Real brass push is laquered for a lifetime finish

Wireless wirefree door chime with flashing light. Ideal for hard of hearing, or for quiet operation.

Byron are synonymous for producing a wide range of quality home signalling equipment, including a wide range of door chimes and bells.


Features associated with this item are:

Wireless with plug in unit for mains operation no batteries required

You need to connect the brass bell push to the converter unit via wires, and will require a small hole to be drilled in the door to facilitate this. If you require completely wireless with no door damage, see our other Byron products.

All fixings and fittings are included with this unit.

Up to 100m range under ideal conditions. Plenty of spare power for all but the largest of homes

Operating light alert on chime unit

Low Battery warning light

Weatherproof bell push unit (batteries included) with transmission light indicator (lights up when caller preses the bell so they know they have rung) stops multiple presses

Volume 75-80 dB

64 different codes to ensure that your bell does not interfere with your neighbours or if you have another Byron on another door in you home

Chime unit with 2 choices of sound

Compatible with other TX range products

All fittings and instructions included

The ideal solution where flexibile signalling in a normal sized home or flat.

List Price: £29.99


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